Redesigning the Acquisition Flow


For redesigning the acquisition flow, I kept my focus on the signup process. I wanted to make sure that the flow was simple, clear, and smooth in order to keep users on the path of purchasing a meal plan.

One thing that jumped out to me in the current on-boarding flow was how much information was on each page. I found it a bit difficult to stay focused on completing the purchase path because there were so many things to look at.

I also found myself being hesitant to put in my credit card information and commit to purchasing a plan before I selected my food. I wanted to ‘see’ what I was committing to before going through that final step. Yes, I could go back to the menu section, but that was extra work and brought me out of the on-boarding flow.

Main Takeaways:

  • The main CTA button on the homepage did not take users to the signup flow 

  • The hero copy did not fully embody the brand values of HelloFresh

  • The signup flow had opportunities for distraction or leaving the path

  • Selecting the final product (the recipes) is behind a paywall. 


HelloFresh’s Current Signup Flow  


Competitive Research

I looked at similar companies’ on-boarding flows to get a sense of how their acquisition funnels were designed.  Sunbasket, Green Chef, Plated, and Blue Apron were the ones I focused on.

Main takeaways

  • Sunbasket was the only service that allowed the user to select their recipes before paying

  • Most services took users to a separate flow that removed the main navigation and added a visual marker for where the user was in the signup process

  • Most services removed all content that was not relevant to the signup process

Blue Apron’s Signup Flow  


Plated’s Signup Flow  


Green  Signup Flow  


Sunbasket’s Signup Flow  


new flow suggestion

I simplified the process into 4 steps: Create Account, Select Plan, Select Recipe, Payment. I felt that moving the recipe selection to the front of the paywall helped users complete the process. They knew what they were purchasing and they could get excited about it.


flow breakdown

screen breakdown

  • I updated the copy to reflect the fun tone of the homepage copy. 

  • I changed the copy on the buttons to make them more actionable and specific. 

  • I added clear tracking at the top navigation, so users know where in the signup process they are.

  • I added the sage green color (from the original homepage banner image) as a background, in order to have the form fields pop and let users know that they are still in the HelloFresh world, but in a specific flow.

  • I removed any content that was not directly related to the signup process.

The original banner text did not invoke the brand feelings of inspiration, enjoyability, and ease.  I updated the copy to give the home page more allure and entice people to explore the products.

The main CTA button now takes the user directly into the signup flow, instead of to the menu page. This way the user can begin to be on-boarded right way.  the payment plan listed

Explained what the credit system was

I kept the same menu cards that the current website has, and just updated the colors on the selected pickers so they did not select the ‘disabled’ button color.


I updated the recipe cards with a check box on the right side. The user can select their recipe choice and the checkbox will highlight green. This allows the user to select the items, while painting the consistency of the card UI throughout the website. 

The “select” button will be disabled until the user selects 3 options.

A user can uncheck an item by clicking a selected card at any point in the process. 

I added the delivery day and special instructions into the main delivery form field. I felt like they were hidden in the original order summary design. 

The recipes are listed in the order summary so users know exactly what it is they purchased and will be receiving.  

I combined the 2 account creation screens into one form page. This cuts down on the number of clicks.


I kept the cards the same for the mobile version because the UI elements worked well for both screen sizes.


The recipe card changed a bit for the mobile version. Splitting the card vertically allows all of the needed information to be shown while having room on the phone for multiple recipes to be in view at once. 

The top check boxes will remain static on the top, so as users scroll through the options they can clearly see how many recipes they have selected. 

Once the user has made 3 selections, the checkboxes are replaced with the “select” button.

A user can uncheck an item by clicking a selected card at any point in the process. 



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